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Don't let my recent pieces fool you. I make a LOT of different kinds of art. Please take a look! Feedback is DEEPLY appreciated!


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There are four control drama strategies that people unconsciously employ to get attention and thus energy from others.
They are: intimidator, interrogator, aloof, and poor me.

We picked up these games because we were not given enough love energy, and were left competing for our parents attention.
Children need unconditional attention and energy, but almost all parents have their own inherited dramas that they play on their children when they feel drained and need energy.
So the kids pick up these vampire games as defense mechanisms to the corresponding games their parents play.
Most people mainly develop one or two of them, but we all have played all of these games at one time or another.

Intimidators create poor me, or if that fails as a defense, another intimidator.
Poor me plays the victim, and thus makes an easy target for an intimidator.
If "look what you're doing to me!" Doesn't work, then eventually you snap and fight back.
Interrogators create aloofs because putting a person on the spot leads them to want to sidestep and avoid the pressure.
Aloof creates interrogators because seeming detached and quietly mysterious might guide someone to ask you what's going on with you.

It all starts with not feeling our connection to the universe, which is the real source of all energy, and is infinite; it can never be depleted.

These games are rooted in a fear of scarcity, and a need for a sense of control.
In other words, a lack of trust.
A lack of trust in others, in the universe, and thus a lack of trust in self, because all are one and the same.

Imagine it this way.
You think you're a glass of water.
If you share your water, you'll run out and won't have enough for yourself.
So instead of sharing, you put a lid on what you've got and go around trying to drink everyone else's water.

But in reality, you're a fountain.
You can keep pouring and pouring, giving and giving, and as long as you remember that the entire universe is a part of you, as long as you stay connected to the energy-plumbing of the universe, you'll always be refilled.

Whenever you're thirsty for love, see what you love about your life. See the beauty in your journey, and the love, the bliss, flows into you.

When we play control dramas, we're competing for each others energy because we think we don't have enough, and that giving freely to others will put us in a bad spot.
This tug of war lowers our vibration, and thus, our intelligence.
We get confused and we doubt ourselves, and lash out in fear to get our energy back.
Wanna battle?
You'll have a war. Everyone loses.

Wanna cooperate?
Many hands make light-work.
Remember that if someone plays control dramas, don't play the corresponding role.
Simply call out what they're doing.
Covert manipulation can't continue if its brought to awareness.
The games aren't her, so look past them, cut through them and see what you love about her, still giving her energy and love to encourage bringing out the best in her.
If she can still feel energy coming from you in this way, then it will be much easier for her to stop trying to manipulate for it.

When you focus on a persons inner beauty, allowing love to flow through you to them, you create a current of energy that lifts them up and immediately refills you as it flows.
Everything you give is returned to you.
When two or more people do this together consciously, they can reach incredible highs and come to insights and degrees of clarity they've never before experienced, which leaves a lasting positive effect on all involved.
This high vibration energy enables us to speak our truth with clarity and confidence.
Feeling the beauty in life and in others keeps energy flowing into us all the time, so we never have to manipulate for it.

Let us build each other up, bring out the best in each other.
In truth, this is the most hedonistic thing we can do for ourselves.
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Wil Best
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Wil Best, publicly known as Partyboy, I'm 21 years old, born & raised in Portland, Oregon.
I started my exploration into different forms of art when i was 14, and never thought I'd find myself so personally invested in it. Art is my emotional release, a great way to pass time, and of course my creative outlet. But more importantly to me, Art is my gift to the people i care most about.


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